About Us

Mpilo Royal Farming

Mpilo Royal Farming was established in 2015 to increase food security and Gross Domestic Product (GDP), create jobs for youth and to provide workplace learning experience for agricultural students. It also drives the development of new farming strategies, technologies and as well as developing entrepreneurs.

Mpilo Royal Farming Rural Development Model

Establish, grow and expand Mpilo Royal Farming in rural areas as a springboard to rural development. The Model will use multi-sectoral approach to create jobs and develop rural areas to semi urban through farming as a starting point in partnership with local people, investors and business communities. Multi-sectoral approach will includes farming, rural tourism, manufacturing, ICT and recreation so that it can reduce levels of poverty and migration of people from rural to urban in search for better lives.  Introduction of economic stimulus will attract living in rural areas, reduce congestion cost of urban location and relieve of pressure in an already crippled urban economy.

All our investment is dedicated to develop rural infrastructure in order to stimulate rural economic activities.   By so doing we will attract small, medium, micro industries (Agri-porocessing, village markets and finance facilities) and entrepreneurs to rural areas as the country is mostly sustained by entrepreneurship and farming.

To be global leading producer, packaging, and distributors of fresh farm products

To transform farming through use of new farming strategies integrated with advanced farming technology